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In-House Booster Baseball

In-House Baseball Overview

NOTICE: All In-House programs use year and month of birth for program league eligibility. 

In-House Program Overview

  • Kids aged 5-14 are eligible for this program.
  • Focus is on on teaching the game of baseball, skill development, hard work, teamwork and good sportsmanship.
  • Like all Booster programs, it is designed to develop the total individual, not just the athlete. The In-House Program emphasized equal playing time for all participants.
  • Time commitment is generally two nights per week  beginning early-mid May through July.  Requirements are lighter during week of Memorial Day & 4th of July.
  • The In-House Senior and Major Leagues are a hybrid between the In-House and Traveling programs.  Games are played against other Hudson teams, and teams from nearby communities. Teams in this league are considered equivalent to the "A" level of traveling baseball.

In-House Eligibility Requirements

  • The Hudson Booster Program is for children living in or going to a school in the Hudson School District.
  • Players may not be a member of another baseball team whose games and/or practices would conflict with the Hudson Booster Program. This does not include school teams.
  • Requests for car-pooling and playing with others will be considered through Coach Pitch 2, but there is no guarantee that they will be granted.
  • We will attempt to put all players who have registered onto a team, however, there is no guarantee of participating in an In-House program if registration is received after April 25th (for senior and major leagues) or May 15th (for t-ball, coach pitch and junior leagues). 

Coaching Opportunities
We encourage any parents that wish to coach a recreational team to contact the commissioner at the email address listed below.  Click here to access the Booster coaching rules, requirements, and tips/drills.

Questions?  Click here for the In-House FAQ.

Weather Updates

Weather cancellations/delays are at the discretion of the baseball committee. Cancellations and delays will be communicated to in-house participants via e-mail, prior to the start of practice or games.


T-Ball $100 Hudson Town Hall (T-Ball Field) Hat/Shirt
Coach Pitch (CP) 1 $130 Hudson Town Hall (Middle Field) & Rivercrest Hat/Shirt
Coach Pitch (CP) 2 $130 Krattley Hat/Shirt
Junior League $145 Krattley Hat/Shirt
Senior League $145 Hudson Town Hall (Upper Field) & Regional Hat/Shirt
Major League (WWBL) $185 Town Hall (Lower Field) & Regional Hat/Jersey/Pants/Belt/Socks

Senior and Major league teams will involve some travel to nearby communities.


2017 T-Ball T-Ball N/A
2016 T-Ball T-Ball T-Ball
2015 CP 1 T-Ball or CP 1 T-Ball
2014 CP 2 CP 1 or CP 2 CP 1
2013 Junior League CP 2 or Junior League CP 2
2012 Junior League Junior League Junior League
2011 Senior League Junior or Senior League Junior League
2010 Senior League Senior League Senior League
2009 Major League Senior or Major League Senior League
2008 Major League Major League Major League
2007 N/A May-July N/A Aug Major League Major League

Hudson Boosters does not support "playing up" in our in-house leagues. Please sign your children up for the appropriate league, based on the chart above. 

Exception: If you feel that your 6 year old is skilled enough to be in Coach Pitch 1, we would allow that bump, as long as they have previously completed one year of T-Ball.



In House Baseball Contacts


In-house Baseball Director

Matt Parent

Baseball Comissioner

Amanda Abrahamson

Baseball Field Scheduler