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Volunteer Program FAQ

Hudson Booster Baseball/Softball Volunteer Program FAQ

Why did Hudson Boosters implement this program?
Running the Booster baseball and softball leagues takes a tremendous amount of behind the scenes work which is entirely done by volunteers.  We feel by getting more volunteers involved, the work it takes to run the programs can be spread out amongst the families that benefit from the youth sports experience.  Then more bandwidth can be applied to improving these programs even further – field maintenance & improvements, increasing the training for coaches & umpires, running more regional tournaments, etc.  By getting involved, families will gain a greater appreciation of everything the Boosters do for the youth and community as a whole.  Volunteer programs have become common among youth sports programs, as both Hudson Soccer and Hudson Hockey run similar programs.

What are the exact requirements of the volunteer program?
Dibs requirements for each player is 4 hours, with a family maximum of 8 hours.  Volunteer time must be put in and logged in the system by the deadline.   The hours will be signed up for and tracked using the Dibs system on the website. 

What is the deadline for putting in my hours?
Starting in 2017 the hours must be put in between January 1 and December 31.  There is no carry over of hours from year to year.

If I don’t put in my hours by that date, what happens?
As part of the on-line registration process you will be agreeing to an installment payment of $250 per 4 hour requirement with a maximum of $500 that is automatically withdrawn on January 2 of the following year if the required hours are not logged in the Dibs system.  [Note:  the payment plan requires a $1 deposit be taken, then the actual payment on Jan 2.]  There is also an opt-out option to pay the DIBS fee up front and not have any volunteer requirement.

Is partial credit allowed?
No.  You must work the entire 4 hours to have the $250 payment waived.

Is this just a fundraiser for Boosters?  And what will you do with the extra money generated?
The only goal of this program is to increase the person-hours put into our programs for everyone’s benefit.  Having a financial obligation attached to the program provides incentive for everyone to do their share.  Ideally, no extra money is taken by the Boosters and our leagues & facilities reap the benefits of the added manpower
If extra revenue is generated by the volunteer program, those dollars will go straight back into the baseball & softball programs, similar to any other revenue from our league fees.

What if I’m too busy to volunteer?
The program requirements were chosen specifically to be easy to attain.  The opportunities will happen both during your child’s game and during other games, on weekends, before/after the seasons and also during Hudson Booster Days around the 4th of July.  You will be able to work hours that are NOT during your child’s games which frees you up to sit and enjoy their games.

There should be plenty of opportunities to put hours in.  And any member of your family (see age restrictions below) may work the hours for the requirement as long as they are logged under your family’s name.

Are there age requirements to work volunteer hours and receive credit?
Volunteer workers must be at least 14 years old to sign up, work, and receive credit for the hours worked.
Specific to concessions:  Those between 14 - 17 years old are limited to food prep and item hand out through the window.  Money handling, including giving change, must be done by those 18 years and older.  Children under 14 years old are allowed in the concession stand, but may only handle drinks and pre-packaged food such as candy.

For which leagues does the volunteer program apply?
Applicable baseball leagues:  Junior League, Senior League, Major League, all traveling teams
Applicable softball leagues:  Junior Fast Pitch, Senior Fast Pitch, Major Fast Pitch, all traveling teams

If you have one child in any of those leagues, you will have the requirement.

If I have multiple children playing do we need to work extra hours?
The four hour requirement is per child with a maximum hour requirement of 8 hours per family.  If you have at least one child playing in any of the applicable leagues your family will have the obligation.

Can I still volunteer even if my child does not play in one of those leagues?
Absolutely!  Please contact any member of the baseball/softball committee to learn about opportunities to volunteer.  And you can also become a Booster club member, see the website for details.

Are coaches exempt from this program?
Up to 4 coaches (or 3 coaches + a team manager) are exempt from the volunteer hour requirement.  If you have one of these responsibilities assigned to you, your hours will be eliminated in the system.  You must be a registered coach to receive this waiver.

Are Booster club members exempt from this program?
No, club members are not exempt.  However club members, if putting in a higher level of hours, do gain some significant discount on their families’ league fees.  Please contact any baseball/softball committee member or review the details on our website on how to become a club member.

What are the specific opportunities to put in my hours?
One large source of volunteer hours will be running the concession stands at regular league games as well as weekend tournaments, along with field preparation during the tournaments.  Booster Days (Hudson’s 4th of July celebration) is also put on by the Booster Club and there will be many chances to help organize and run the event.  Other opportunities like field maintenance, equipment maintenance & organization, and other special events will be available on a semi-regular basis also.